Dear Supporters,

The first A12 video (Cornell DDR Club presents Dance Dance Resolution) was shown at Cornell’s China Night in April of ‘04.  Since then, our productions have aired at a number of venues, including Otakon ‘04/’05, and have found their way to college campuses all over. Until now, our videos have circulated through word-of-mouth alone. We thank you for sharing our works with your peers.

However, we think it is finally time for our videos to have a home.  The primary reason for delay in making these videos available on the web was our desire to make sure our web presence, once established, would be appropriate. Hastily putting together a perfunctory website would fail to lend our videos the air of credibility that they deserve.

With that said, we have carefully crafted a sleek, informative, and user-friendly site.  We take great pride in our productions and would like to present you a website we are equally proud of.